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On 1 August 2016, Wells Fargo & Company completed the purchase of GE Capital’s Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) business in Australia. At Wells Fargo CDF, our team remains committed to the success of customers’ businesses, and building and strengthening lifelong relationships. We are focused on delivering customized solutions to help fund the flow of finished durable goods from manufacturers to distributors, dealers and resellers.

To our existing customers who stayed with us, thank you.
To those who may be considering working with us, welcome.

About Wells Fargo¹

Wells Fargo is a diversified, community-based financial services company with US$1.8 trillion in assets. Founded in 1852, Wells Fargo has approximately 265,000 team members in 36 countries across 90 businesses.

Commercial Distribution Finance

Floorplan reference rate, Australia

8.3728%2 per annum

Effective as of 1 December, 2018

Website last updated 4 December 2018

1 month Bank Bill Swap Bid Rate (BBSY):

BBSY 1 November: 1.9100%

BBSY 3 December: 1.9300%

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