Five Things to Consider When Selling Your Business

Whether 5 years down the road or 20 years into the future, an exit strategy is fundamental to any strategic business plan. The CDFconnect™ team has pulled together a few items to consider as you plan for succession because setting the stage today is fundamental to a smooth transition in the future.  Reach out to your Relationship Manager or directly to the CDFconnect™ team to discover how we can help.

1. How to gauge your preparedness 

Finding the right answers starts with knowing the right questions. Learn some key points to consider when looking to sell or transition your business.

2. Ways to value your business 

Do you know what your business in worth? Would that value remain if you were to exit the business? Learn what drives business value and different valuations methods.

3. There is more than one way to exit your business 

We will walk you through a number of exit options including pros and cons – these will help you better understand and evaluate the best fit for your situation.

4. Methods for managing your inventory & maintaining margins during the transition 

Protecting your profitability and safeguarding cashflow is critical at any stages of your business cycle. Learn about ratios, the difference between cashflow and profitability and how to maintain financing – all critical to a successful transition.

5. Best practices for mitigating chaos

Whether you are one or 20 years out from transitioning or selling your business, CDFconnectTM can help you navigate and get prepared for the transition.




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