Solidify your business’ future and take a few minutes to consider these critical questions.


 When do I want to exit?
What is my timeline?
What are my exit options? What are the pros and cons of each?
If I sell, what is my target price? What is my company worth today?
What role, if any, would I be willing to take on after the sale?
Do I have the right management team in place?

1 to 3 years:

Have I identified possible successors within my company?
Do my possible successors have the right skills? What training can I provide?
Is my business positioned to maximize its value? Headwinds? Tailwinds?
How am I performing versus my peers?
Have we integrated the best systems and processes for the business?
Do I have a transparent employee engagement plan to attract and retain talent?

3 to 10 years:

What is my current business value? How can I increase it over time?

Have I identified and engaged the advisors I want and need? For example, accountant, lawyer, family, banks, landlord, etc.

Does anyone in my family, or those closely involved with the business, have a desire to take over? If so, do they have the right skills? Will they work alone or divide the responsibilities with someone else?

If I sell, am I comfortable with having an ongoing interest after the sale, if necessary?

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