Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for coverage through the Dealer Inventory Insurance Program?

Dealers who have new or existing lines of credit with Wells Fargo CDF, Polaris Acceptance, and Brunswick Acceptance or Husqvarna Financial Services, are eligible for the Dealer Inventory Insurance Program.


Who administers the Program?  

The Dealer Inventory Insurance Program is administered by Safehold Special Risk, Inc. Safehold offers a diverse set of special risk insurance products and services from professionals who provide in-depth industry knowledge in each specific risk area.


How are premiums calculated?

Premiums are calculated on the average daily outstanding balance of the inventory financed with Wells Fargo CDF. Dealers with a claim will be paid based on the total value of inventory financed by Wells Fargo CDF.


What if I have more than one dealer number?

Each will be charged a separate rate based on the percentage of inventory held. The total limit is equal to the value of the Wells Fargo CDF financed inventory at each location. Premiums are calculated on the monthly outstanding balance. Any loss will be paid based on the original invoice amount.


Is there a 24-hour claims reporting number?

Yes, call the 24-hour claims number:  877-480-9675.


How soon can I expect payment after I file a claim?

Payments will generally be issued within 14 business days once an administrator receives all proper documentation including a signed proof of loss.


Can I purchase coverage for my inventory from another agent?

Yes. Dealers are not required to obtain coverage through the Dealer Inventory Insurance Program offered by Safehold Special Risk and can purchase insurance from other agents. They need to supply a certificate of insurance to Wells Fargo CDF, naming Wells Fargo CDF as the loss payee.


When does coverage stop?

Coverage stops when financial interest on the unit ends or when the unit’s balance has been paid in full to Wells Fargo CDF.