Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance dealers are required to have insurance for their financed inventory and they are welcome to use any approved insurance provider to attain coverage. As a convenience for our customers, CDF has partnered with Safehold Special Risk, Inc. to create an optional inventory insurance program, which is outlined below.


Dealer Inventory Insurance Program
— Offered by Safehold Special Risk

Inventory is a huge investment and is critical to a business’ bottom line. In the event of a natural disaster or damaging event, it’s important those investments are protected against financial loss.

To help protect you, Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) customers can access a comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective insurance program, administered and offered through Safehold Special Risk, Inc.

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Comprehensive coverage from a
top-rated carrier

  • Wells Fargo CDF financed inventory covered under this program, benefits from comprehensive coverage including collision, earthquake, false pretense, and flood
  • Flexible deductibles ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, per occurrence, for covered loss or damage

Cost effective and convenient

  • Values inventory based on the average daily balance on hand
  • Billing adjusted automatically to match unit’s value
  • Automatic adjustments will appear on monthly billing statements
  • Pay a separate rate for multiple dealer numbers based on
    percentage of inventory held under each dealer number

Enrolling in the Dealer Inventory Insurance Program is quick and easy. Fill out the enrollment form, send it to inventoryins@safehold.com and we will follow up within 2 business days.


  • 24-hour claim line is managed by experienced adjusters 7 days a week
  • To file a claim, call 877-480-9675

Contact us at our toll-free number 1-844-584-0539 to learn more about the Dealer Inventory Insurance Program.