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Understanding cashflow management

Cashflow management is a valuable tool for profitable growth and success. It highlights the amount and speed of funds flowing through a business. If managed properly, cashflow can help improve return on investment.

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Investing in inventory

An essential component to managing inventory is establishing inventory goals. It is also important to keep track of old inventory. Discover helpful tips and tricks on how to balance and monitor a business’ inventory.

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Importance of measuring inventory productivity

Inventory is a huge asset on a company’s balance sheet. That’s why it is so important to regularly measure inventory for turnover, age, number of days supply, and productivity. Using the Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROII) formula can help businesses learn more about their inventory productivity.

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Maximizing inventory returns

Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investments (GMROII) and Modified GMROII help illustrate how repayment terms impact inventory productivity. These formulas deliver insights into a business’ overall performance and resources for proactive management.

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Margins and cashflow

Cashflow is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy and sustainable business. Inventory financing, also known as floorplan financing, is a viable solution to carrying receivables.

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The perils of lending

Cashflow is vital to a business’ success. While gross margins are also important, they should not come at the expense of positive cashflow. Avoiding several common situations can help maintain a healthy and sustainable business.

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