Thank you for considering Wells Fargo CDFTM (CDF) as a potential financing source for your business. If you are a new vendor* interested in applying for an inventory financing program for your dealers, please follow the three simple steps outlined below.

  1. Download the appropriate vendor application by saving to your computer:
    1. Vendor application for US entities
    2. Vendor application for Canada entities (English version)
    3. Vendor application for Canada entities (French version)
  2. Complete the application by either:
    1. Typing your information directly onto the PDF application and save as a new document.
    2. Handwriting your information onto a printed copy of the application.
  3. Return your completed application to your CDF sales contact. A CDF representative will contact you regarding next steps and additional information that may be required.

*Who qualifies as a vendor?  A vendor is a business that manufactures inventory and/or distributes inventory through a dealer and/or distributor network, and sells at wholesale to dealers or distributors (may also sell directly to an end user business or consumer).