Learn how Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution FinanceTM helped support the growth of Canadian powersports dealer Motos Illimitées with a robust inventory financing program.

Moto Illimitees is the leader in Canada for power sports in our industry. We carry the most brands. We have the largest volume with many manufacturers, the best selection for customers.

We started at this business with Jacques passion for the power sport industry and my passion for operation and administration. So together we teamed up and worked our way up with one brand, another brand. And then it came up. We have up to 14 brands right now. So it was quite an adventure. And we’re very proud of it.

We carry different products throughout the year. We carry snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles. So there are times during the year where we’re off season, but we still need to have the inventory on the floor for the next season. So there’s always inventory coming in from the manufacturers.

Where we were wanted to go as a goal and be the number one dealer in Canada–I think you need more credit. And to have credit it gives you the opportunity to have more volume, more units and the more you have the more you retail.

Our goal with the relationship, for example like Motos Illimitees, is to make sure that we follow their plans, follow their growth and make sure that we follow them in their projects going forward. And we accomplish that by meeting with them regularly.

We definitely built a very strong relationship with the team at Wells Fargo, and it’s like anything else. We prioritize that – Jacques and I – because we believe that it’s important.

With the hands on everyday support that we get, they’re well connected with our staff either at the accounting, at the sales management. And on the day to day basis it makes a big difference for us to have that kind of support.

But we also want to share some of what we see given our expertise with them in terms of what we see in their industry and their geography to help them either validate some information that they receive or give them new information that we get given our expertise in our area of financing.

It’s so important to maintain a good relationship and work hand in hand with the financing company because that’s where you’re going to set your limits to where you want to bring your business. So definitely the best relationship that you can have with them will definitely set where your goals and when they’re going to be achieved.

It’s very humbling to be celebrating 50 years of inventory financing in Canada. Our clients can take great trust and support that we’ve been here for 50 years, and that we will work through any project – any change that’s happening in their business going forward, and that we have people that have the expertise, the energy, the passion to help them succeed in the future.